APP Goes Digital: Logistics Solutions

11 Juli 2019
APP Goes Digital: Logistics Solutions

Tangerang, 2019. Asia Pulp and Paper ("APP"), a subsidiary of Sinarmas, is a company that produces paper commodities and is among the largest in Indonesia. At present, APP aims to turn the system into digital. One of the steps taken by APP is to change its Logistics System by holding the "APP Goes Digital: Logistics Solutions" event.

In this event, APP invited a number of Transporters who have become APP distributors in recent years. Some transporters who were present included: Siba Surya, Citra Transport Logistics, Putera Sarana Usaha, Seino Indomobil Logistics. The event was held at the Green Office Park Auditorium 9, Level 1, BSD City.

The holding of the APP Goes Digital was intended to integrate the system so that shipments become more transparent and controlled, such as travel documents, delivery orders, loading and unloading permits. This was all explained on the agenda scheduled at this event. Starting from the explanation of Electronic Delivery note or abbreviated as E-DN, then proceed with the presentation of Vehicle Insight, then the delivery of the Application and Product System for the Transport Management System, a little intermezzo, and awards.

One of the awards given was the award in implementing the E-DN system. This E-DN system is a system where delivery note can be controlled, monitored and transparent so that both the Transporter and the Customer can see the delivery process. APP Sinarmas in this regard, gave the award to Seino Indomobil Logistics.

With this award given by APP Sinarmas, we feel proud and at the same time become more enthusiastic in carrying out our duties as Transporters.


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