Best Recognition Transporter

27 Februari 2020
Best Recognition Transporter

Cibitung, 2020. PT. YCH Distripark, located on Jln. Kalimalang Inspection, Sukadanau, Cikarang Barat was the location of a meeting between vendors who become Transporters for YCH Indonesia. These transporter was invited directly by YCH via email sent to each Transporter's PIC. Seino Indomobil Logistics became one of the invited Transporters.

The meeting which was held on 27 February 2020 discussed about the world of Transporters, in terms of the safety of truck drivers, vehicle specifications, as well as the procedures for delivery of goods so that they remain in best condition. The event was enlivened by the presence of YCH director from Singapore, Mr. Robert Yap, and with the greeting of the YCH manager, Ms. Sumarseh.

At the end of the event, an award was given to transporters who excel. And Seino Indomobil Logistics (Seino) won the award in the "Best Recognition Transporter" category. The person who received the certificate was Mr. Irwan Wahyudi, as PIC of Seino. Besides Seino, there are also other Transporters who received awards, such as Antariksa in the Best Krani category, Komba Logistics in the POD category.
Although we did not get the "Best Overall Performance", but this award is valuable to us so that we can further boost the Company's performance. Hopefully in the future we can buy up every category available.


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