Unilever Awards

02 Desember 2019
Unilever Awards

Bogor, 2019. PT. Unilever Indonesia Tbk. (Unilever) holds a gathering event with vendors working together to deliver their products. The gathering was held for 2 days on 2-3 December in Megamendung, Cisarua. Some of the vendors invited were PT. MGM Bosco Logistics, Kiat Ananda Group, Linfox, and many more including PT. Seino Indomobil Logistics (Seino).

This gathering will take place at the Unilever Learning Center. The event was held to discuss about standard operational procedures, safety in the delivery of goods, flow & delivery process, and much more. There were 3 representatives from Seino himself, Mr. Alfonsus Budiman, Bpk. Hengky Irawan, and Bpk. Agy Manggala.

In addition to discussing these matters, Unilever also divided the award into 10 achievement categories. Two of them were given to Seino, the first being The Best Vendor of the Year, being the most vendor serving Unilever transportation. And the second is The Best Festival of Execution, Seino is the logistics vendor that has the fastest response in handling problems compared to other vendors. The award is given in the form of a placard. The size is about 30 cm, has a glass material with a thickness of approximately 3 cm, forming the Unilever logo.

We are also proud to get two awards at the same time, because with this award, our hard work paid off. In the future, we will continue to foster enthusiasm and improve our services, not only for Unilever, but for all companies that use the services of PT. Seino Indomobil Logistics as its transportation & distribution service.


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